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Hardly anything beats seeing a big smile on a child’s face, and the best way to keep the smile there for a while is to establish a good relationship with them or someone doing the things that an individual enjoys.

Let us tell you the best and most fun places in Bangalore :

1. Elephant Picnic

Five Senses Garden

The Gardens Of Five Senses, in Said -Ul -Azaib hamlet near Mehrauli, is a significant site for lunch with the children.

Aside from allowing children to spend time outdoors, the place includes imaginative artworks that enable a lunch involving youngsters particularly appealing. Playing ball, kite, or just running and actively seeking are among the basic pleasures that may be had when visiting the location.

2. Operate a Locomotive

The National Railway Museum

For kids and trains, personal observation is undoubtedly enjoyable. The National Rail Museum in Chanakyapuri, Delhi, is a great place to take your children.

These children learn about and are fascinated by the legacy of today’s massive array. Train journeys throughout the area are the icing on the cake.

3. Help in designing

National Museum of Arts and crafts and Sarees

Think again if you believe that creativity is a restricted gift that not everyone possesses. Send your kids and see, experience, and comprehend the larger world of artisans that the nation is proud of.

The museum has it all, whether it’s needlework, ceramics, or textiles, and it’s guaranteed to impress your youngster. Yes, we’re talking about the Handicrafts Museum in Delhi. Designing is always a unique thing to do, and you can help out now. 

4. India Gate in Delhi

Patriotism is a complex emotion to instill in children’s heads. Support your cause by taking this precious little darling to the magnificent India Gate. Understanding Amar Jawan Jyoti and its significance will likely instill a sense of patriotic pride in your child.

To assist visitors, the vast and beautiful green fields make the excursion even more pleasurable and unforgettable for youngsters.

5. Park Nehru

Whenever users visit Nehru Park, motivate and enlighten the youngster with Mother Nature’s offerings in blossoms.

The 80-acre park is overflowing with flowers and vegetation. One may assist your youngster in recognizing and recalling different parts of plants by allowing them to explore them personally.

6. Discover the Old-World Charm of Humayun’s Tomb

Children may not want serenity. However, they will appreciate the spaciousness and tremendous effort necessary to approach the grave.

Whenever users urge the youngster to estimate the steps leading up to the mausoleum, the atmosphere changes completely. While having fun, you can also teach your youngster about excellent Indian history and the Delhi sultanate period.

7. Visit the Nehru Planetarium and converse with the stars.

Planetarium Nehru

Seeing the sky and identifying the constellations is a regular occurrence since the city’s current environmental damage rules prevent children from learning about the atmosphere. Bring kids to the Nehru Planetarium to experience the universe’s genuinely unfathomable number of stars.

Everyone, in a single spot, teaches children about the mountain, constellations, groupings, and observatories. Many enjoyable activities at this location enhance the child’s learning abilities.

8. Hug the Qutub Minar Minaret Qutub Minar

Tall tower charm is a non-issue, but the breathtaking charm of structures and the narrative underlying the development are guaranteed to pique your child’s interest.

Speaking of stories, you might invite your children to try holding the historic skyscraper on their shoulders and have enjoyment from watching them having fun.

9. Connaught Place’s Stepwell

Baoli Agrasen

Modern tech has encouraged youngsters to assume that water, air, and even electricity are things that are considered to be commonplace. Explain and demonstrate old water retention and delivery techniques to let the passion for water preservation enter their minds.

10. Breakout Escape rooms

Enjoy Mystery rooms Bangalore at Breakout Escape Rooms and have a thrilling time with their movie-styled escape rooms. An escape room can be tricky and, simultaneously, highly challenging, pushing your brain to work hard while solving the puzzles. You must let your brain think out of the box as you try to look for clues inside the room and solve them.


A visit to Natural or semi-natural ki Baoli at Connaught Place would be educational and entertaining for the child. Any of these places is a good experience, and you can gain not only knowledge but also have fun. So go out there and explore!

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