July 13, 2024

Belt Yourself Up To Launch A Feature Loaded On-Demand Handyman Service App Of All Trades Service App

Handyaman app

Businesses and end-users both benefit from the sheer innovation of different technologies and the availability of the internet. You can try it out in this sector, as on-demand services are becoming an essential thing.

You might be looking for a way to get into futuristic businesses like on-demand services. Consider the on-demand handyman app development.

What makes online handyman services feasible for end-users

It isn’t easy to move out of your home searching for professionals who can handle home-based tasks like installing appliances or fixing them. Users can easily find a handyman nearby by pressing a button. From a user’s point of view, this sounds great.

Is the on-demand handyman industry a profitable one?

According to Verified Market Research, a market research-based company, the market value for handyman services will reach 129.07 trillion USD by 2026. This market research also shows that handyman services will grow at a 35.8% CAGR between 2018 and 2026.

These statistics prove the viability of the handyman service market. We will now move on to the next section of this blog. This blog will encourage you to create an app similar to Uber for the handyman service.

How does an app that provides on-demand handyman services solve common problems?

Application-based handyman services address common issues associated with finding a professional handyman. Let’s dive deeper into the challenges and results.

Reaching out

It cannot be easy to reach out to a handyman on its own. Sometimes handymen are not available in your area. On-demand apps such as Uber for Handyman can be used to provide quick assistance in these cases. The app will allow users to search for handymen nearby.

It solves the problem of touch basing with professionals to perform handyman services.

Estimation of Bills

Let’s say that users find a professional using the traditional method. Users will only learn the cost of the service after the task is completed. There are sometimes disputes between users and professionals. Most importantly, some hidden fees may also be included in the estimate.

The handyman app has a bill estimate function that makes it easy to estimate your bills. The handyman app provides a bill estimate based on the service requested. Users can only book the service if they are satisfied with the estimate.


The location tracker is a feature that guarantees top-notch professionalism. The professional’s location is now easily accessible to users. Instead, users can use the live tracking feature to locate the exact location within minutes.


The handyman app now includes an appointment scheduler function. It adds convenience to users. This scheduling feature allows users to schedule an appointment with the handyman at the most convenient time.

Making the payment

Online payment options are available for small businesses, online or traditional. It is obvious. On-demand apps offer a wide range of payment options. On-demand apps are, therefore, a healthy option from all perspectives.

Quick Reference

The service history feature allows you to keep track of all handyman services booked via the app. It is hard to keep track of the services used in traditional booking methods. However, the handyman app does the job by collecting details about the services used. The history feature allows users to quickly access all previous services they have booked through the app.

Loyalty Benefits

Loyalty points are one of the many benefits of using online services. Users can enjoy discounts and promo codes as two of the many delights of online services.

On-demand handyman apps offer more benefits than convenience for end-users. You have the chance to be the market leader if you create a handyman app with many features.

On-demand handyman services apps that are in the limelight

Here’s a list of popular apps that offer handyman services on-demand.


UrbanCompany, Asia’s largest online home service provider, is a leading company in Asia. The company offers a range of services online, including cleaning, beauty, and spa services. It features over 32000+ service professionals representing around 44 countries and 5 million customers.


The porch is another provider of online home services that focuses on various home services. This company was founded in 2012 and has become a well-known platform for home services. This application can be used to find local movers and install a security system.


Thumbtack is another home service management platform. Thumbtack was founded in 2008 and has grown to become a home services platform. This platform raised $275 million in recent years at a valuation of $3.2 million.

How do you create a similar platform to start your business?

You don’t need to worry about developing an application if you are willing to invest in an online handyman service. This white label Uber for handyman apps solution is perfect and can be launched quickly on Android/iOS.

Prominent money-making channels

Let’s look at how to monetize an online handyman business using a white-label app.

  • Commission fees Handymen can book via your platform and must pay commission fees.
  • Advertising fees There are many ways to advertise on your platform and earn monetary benefits. For example, handymen professionals/service providers may prefer to get attraction from users. They can display ads and pay the advertising charges.


On-demand services will grow faster if users prioritize their convenience. It would be best if you considered developing an app like Uber to provide on-demand handyman services.

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