April 21, 2024

Which Lab Created Diamond Is Best?


Lab Created Diamonds.

With laboratory-created diamonds, sometimes called CVD (chemical vapour deposition) diamonds, a process by which carbon atoms are added one by one in a lab environment to make gemstones have been around for decades. Some diamond advocates have claimed that synthetic diamonds can have severe defects and be sold at lower prices than mined diamonds. On top of that, they claim that lab created diamonds may not be as durable or strong as mined diamonds. However, CVD diamond technology has improved drastically over time. Lab created gems today are often indistinguishable from natural stones with sharp edges and facets that sparkle just like a natural stone would!

For example… Lab created Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds – Which is Better? Lab grown diamonds tend to be less expensive than natural ones, but does that mean you should always buy lab grown instead of real? If you want a large diamond, then lab grown might work better because there’s no limit on how big it can get. Lab created Diamonds also tends to cost less per carat weight because labs don’t need to dig deep into the earth to find them. They grow them in controlled environments instead. Additionally, lab created diamonds tend to be more consistent in cut and colour than naturally occurring ones since there’s no variation due to where it was found or who cut it.

CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition)

The CVD method of creating diamonds involves first compressing carbon in a vacuum and then combining it with a catalyst before placing it under extreme heat to Lab created Diamonds, often one that’s not very clear. Because these diamonds are made using such harsh conditions, they tend to have imperfections. Overall, CVD diamonds tend to be slightly less expensive than lab-created diamonds. They’re also usually created in labs on silicon wafers. It’s because of their imperfections that CVD gems aren’t graded on the same scale as mined diamonds; instead, they generally fall into either an I-color or H-color grade (with I being lower quality). While you can get better clarity if you pay more for a lab-created diamond, most people don’t notice any difference between CVD and mined diamonds.

Why Choose Lab Created Over Mined Diamonds?

Sure, mined Lab created Diamonds are real, but CVD diamonds offer most of their benefits with zero environmental impact. Plus, lab created diamond jewellery comes with a longer warranty—it’s guaranteed for life! If you’re shopping around for a special piece of jewellery and want to go green, then don’t let your search be hindered by perceptions about quality. Just because a stone was made in a lab doesn’t mean it’s inferior. Some experts say Lab created Diamonds are better than their mined counterparts.

Lab Grown Vs. Natural

A Lab created Diamonds will almost always be a better value. The cost savings are enormous, even on a high-quality stone. To understand why it’s important to know how both types of diamonds are made. A natural diamond begins its life below Earth’s surface as graphite, which over many millions of years has been pushed deep into rock formations and compressed into crystalline shape by intense heat and pressure. A CVD diamonds also starts as graphite—but it’s created in a lab (where conditions are significantly different) that simulates nature’s process. So while they share similarities, each takes two very different paths to become a gemstone—all of which impact cost and quality.

Considerations When Buying A Lab Grown Diamond

Comparing Lab created Diamonds to mined diamonds can be tricky. Different labs grow their gems under different conditions and some are better than others at creating a diamond with a colour and clarity similar to that of a mined diamond. For example, if you’re buying from a lab that creates diamonds from scratch (like Apollo), you may see more pure white in your diamond than one grown from older samples, which may have impurities in them (like Asahi). The result could be a price increase. Take time to consider factors like these when choosing your lab grown diamond. You may just find yourself with much more than what you were expecting at no additional cost!

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