July 13, 2024

Just Eat The Business Model: What is the way that the Delivery Company operates and earns money?


The demand for online ordering of meals and delivery has been steadily growing over the last few years. This industry saw constant growth after people were able to strike at their homes, and were then forced to adhere to social-distancing laws. Online food delivery services such as Just Eat made it possible for restaurants to keep their business functioning and satisfy their customer’s ever-changing needs. If you’re considering developing an app similar to a delivery company knowing how the Just Eat business model can aid you in understanding the process of delivery and how to make a profit.

Food ordering online and the delivery trend are popular with consumers across the globe because they want convenience and for all of their food items to be delivered to their location. In 2022, the world’s delivery food industry is predicted to be around 130.2 million U.S. dollars; this amount is expected to grow to 223.7 billion U.S. dollars by 2027’s end. It was predicted that the market would rise at 11% CAGR for the duration of the study.

The food ordering and delivery business have a bright outlook because more and more people are looking to have delicious meals delivered to their homes whenever they’d like to savor their meals. If you’re looking for the chance to be part of the growing market, White Label Fox can assist you in this. An outstanding Ready-to-use Just Eat replica will help you start an online business that is successful and efficiently manage your business.

What exactly is Just Eat?

Just Eat is an online food delivery service that connects patrons with restaurants. Food order and delivery service offers its services to over 24 different countries and has partnered with over 580,000 local eateries. Just Eat Takeaway operates focusing on local markets; it allows customers to find restaurants and place orders for food via their website or iOS apps, as well as the Google app.

JustEat Foundation, Funding History, and a Success Story to Gain Insight into!

The company is operated by the Dutch-based Just Eat Takeaway.com, JustEat is an online ordering and delivery company. In 2001, the company was founded as a separate business located in Kolding, Denmark, and it is headquartered in the U.K. The company serves to act as an intermediary between food takeaway outlets and its customers.

Just Eat provides its service across more than seven counties and allows customers to locate local eateries to place orders, make reservations, and pay online. The site also lets customers choose between delivery or pick-up choices. Check out the duration of the successful time to find out all the details about the food ordering and delivery business below.

The Just Eat Takeaway Doorbell Giveaway is geared towards ticketless supporters of the champion league. The idea was born out of the aid of Just Eat Takeaways’ sponsorship of the Uefa Champions League; the incident was documented through Liverpool as well as YouTuber Callum Airey.

The Takeaway food market in the world is predicted to experience huge growth in 2029. delivery giants, like JustEat which will generate significant revenues in sales and revenue. Furthermore, Just Eat Takeaways value the majority of that of the market; over 33% of this is generated by an investment in iFood.

The value is achieved through JET management as Prosus holds 66 percent of the iFood. The Just Eat Takeaway.com N.V.’s enterprise value is a huge portion of a 33 percent stake in the iFood company, which shows how much it is undervalued based on parts. The company’s total value is 28.2 billion euros of gross value.

Inspired by the popularity of the business model of Just Eat, many are looking to create sophisticated solutions similar to it. They’re trying to learn how Just Eat works by understanding the Just Eat takeaway business model. If you’re looking to automate your restaurant or food ordering and delivery business operations, have a quick look over the flow and understand how our branded solution helps you manage business activities from one place: https://whitelabelfox.com/food-ordering-app-live-demo.

Just Eat Business Model: How does the Delivery Company respond to its customers’ Increasing Needs?

Just Eat operates on a hybrid model of business, which means that it partners with restaurants to meet the ever-growing food delivery requirements of its customers. They join forces by signing separate contracts to fulfill the needs of the customers. Based on the success, the Just Eat business model ensures excellent cash flow and also creates value for shareholders, restaurants, and other partners.

The remarkable Just Eat Takeaway business model enabled the company to process millions of orders efficiently. For 2020 the business had received 588 million requests This figure is an impressive increase, as measured by approximately 413 million orders in the prior years.

Just Eat Takeaway.com operates under distinct brand names in different countries. For instance, Thuisbezorgd.nl in the Netherlands or Lieferando.de in Germany. There were more than 60 million customers registered with Just Eat Takeaway in 2020 The majority of customers came located in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Two distinct customer segments are part of the market-based Just Eat company model. they are:

Customer: Those who want to purchase food from local eateries.

Restaurants Restaurants in local food shops and eateries are looking to build to attract a large number of customers and provide take-out.

As a mediator between restaurants and the customer, Just Eat easily manages the process of sorting and identifying products, discovering and ordering process, as well as the payment process as well as everything that is connected to delivery. Customers can search menu items on the website as well as the application. Let’s look at the customer segment, and more to comprehend what is the Just Eat business model and determine how it works to meet the demands of food enthusiasts.

Value Proposition for Customers

The company offers three main benefits to its customers that include performance, customization, and ease of use. The feature-rich online ordering of food and delivery apps offer customers convenience by allowing them to find all restaurants near them.

People who like the takeaway alternative can use the Just Eat app on their smartphone or visit the website to place an order. Customers can choose from a variety of payment options to make hassle-free payments and review the restaurant or delivery service without difficulty.

Value Proposition for Restaurants

Just Eat provides mainly four advantages for restaurants and other food stores that include accessibility, performance, less risk, and convenience. The delivery service improves restaurant accessibility by educating customers about their services. This allows restaurants to gain more customers and increase their market reach.

Just Eat helps restaurants generate more orders. The simple-to-use platform for delivery produces more than 2,500 orders in peak hours. In addition, online restaurant orders are nearly 25% more than phone orders.

Customer Segmentation

Just Eat follows a multi-faceted business model that includes two main separate segments that are vital to running a profitable business.


  • Individuals who would like to place an order for Takeaway in a neighborhood eatery;
  • Foodies who would like to savor delicious food;
  • People who have busy schedules and aren’t able to cook.


  • Food stores that want to expand their reach;
  • Grocery stores who want to increase their customer base;
  • They are those who must increase their revenues and profit.

Recently, Just Eat has revealed a list of six of Bradford’s most well-reviewed items. The food delivery company is focused on building strong relationships with its customers. they can use the service on the top platform and have only limited interaction with staff. In addition, it allows restaurants to address all of their customer queries via email, phone, etc.

The Just Eat Revenue Model: What is the Way Delivery Companies Earn Money?

Effective The Effective Eat Takeaway company model makes it simpler for the online marketplace to offer the most efficient food delivery and ordering service. The company is operated under a variety of brands across several countries such as Thuisbezorgd.nl located in the Netherlands and Lieferando.de in Germany.

Just Eat Takeaway grew between 2015 and 2020. In 2015, revenue was about the 77-million euros. It doubled to 2 million euros by 2020. The Dutch site Thuisbezorgd.nl had a total revenue that was greater than rivals Deliveroo or Hungry.

The revenue of Just Eat grew to 33% which will be about EUR5.3B for 2021 It has also taken on a total of $2.9 billion in nine rounds of financing with debt and equity. The top investors are Index Ventures, Rheingau Founders, Prime Ventures, Redpoint, Venrex, and 83North.

You may be thinking about the way Just Eat makes money through its revenue model. It earns its money from delivery charges, restaurant fees, and many other fees. Let’s examine our Just Eat revenue model in-depth right here.

Restaurant Commissions

The majority of Just Eat Takeaways’ revenue comes from restaurants, as the platform is charged a commission per order. Restaurant commissions vary based on several variables, including the location of the restaurant and other factors too. Just Eat charges 10 to 15% commissions from restaurants.

Delivery and Service Fees

Just Eat also charges delivery costs and other service charges from customers. Just Eat costs from 0 to PS4.50 per delivery. This cost is based on the distance. Just Eat charges around PS1.99 or more for the additional cost.

Sponsored Placements On The Platform

Just Eat partners can boost their brand’s visibility by promoting their spots. It’s an online advertising system that puts restaurants among the first five positions on their site and mobile. Delivery giants also charge via its Cost Per Click (CPC) model. That means that every time a user clicks on an advertisement that the restaurant is required to make a small fee.

Exchange Fees

Just Eat Takeaway partnered with Adyen in 2021. Adyen is a payment processor that allows online payments for various tech companies. They launched Takeaway Pay Card, which is a debit card pre-paid that employees can use to pay to purchase meals. The card allows employees to purchase goods and services in a multitude of shops and restaurants accepting Mastercard as well as Maestro.

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We hope that this article can provide you with insight into how to understand the Just Eat business model, how it generates income, and more. In search of success like Just Eat success, if you’re thinking of setting up a similar business, White Label Fox can help you. Our developers can develop highly-functional applications for food delivery and order to your company’s requirements. Simply specify the requirements and we’ll do the rest.

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