April 21, 2024

Is an NMIMS MBA a Good Investment? 5 Minutes to Know


In India, NMIMS Global Access – School for Continuing Education (NGASCE) is a well-known educational institution. The Institute was created in 1981, and in 2003, it was the first to provide distance and online learning. Management courses are offered at the given institution. It offers world-class e-learning infrastructure and employs some of the top business lecturers.

At any one moment, the university has over 70,000 active students and 600+ academic staff members. The college provides a broad variety of management courses online, including distance PGDM, distance B.Com, distance BBA, and degrees in industry-required speciality.

The most common question I get on the internet is whether or not obtaining a Distance MBA from NMIMS is a worthwhile undertaking. We shall make an attempt to discuss this topic during the course of the blog. Let us first share some background information regarding NMIMS Distance Learning, Mumbai, before we get into the details of this topic.

So, let us put an end to the debate about the worth of an NMIMS Distance MBA. We will tell you the truth about NMIMS and help you clear up any misunderstandings you may have about it. To better comprehend the NMIMS features, we will break them into many categories, the most significant of which will be recognition. Learning materials, placement chances, and cost arrangements will be among the other categories. Let us examine each of the aspects in further detail:

NMIMS recognises distance MBAs.

The faculty is the most important component of any university, whether it is a conventional or online college. The university has been granted all essential approvals, as well as a top-level education council.

The UGC-DEB has allowed the University of Gujarat Distant MBA Program to deliver distance and online education. It has also got an A+ rating from the NAAC. The university received a total grade point average of 3.59 out of a possible 4 on the NAAC scale (CGPA).

NMIMS Faculty

There are 600 faculty members in various degree and professional programmes, the bulk of them are academics and industry specialists. NMIMS’ staff comprises 90+ PhDs, 140+ IIM and IIT faculty members, 500+ years of combined teaching experience, and over 2000 years of industry experience, making them the most renowned and greatest in remote and online education.

The NMIMS student zone, also known as the NMIMS student portal or the NGASCE student zone, is accessible via web and mobile app, allowing students to engage in seamless online learning with features such as interactive lectures and access to prestigious journals such as ProQuest, JSTOR, and others via the university’s digital library. WebEx provides access to over 800 hours of downloaded and live online lectures.

Live lectures are interactive in nature, giving students a taste of what it’s like to be in a classroom. While there is some offline research information in the Study Kit, it is unique in that it was researched and prepared in accordance with industry standards by respected writers and publishers such as Pearson and McGraw Hill. The research kit will be shipped to you at your convenience after your acceptance has been approved.

In addition to the presentation, the faculty creates a summary of the lecture as a demonstration, which includes the essential components of the lecture and aids the student’s knowledge throughout the assessment process.

Experiential Learning During NMIMS’s Distance MBA

Students benefit from case studies because they provide them hands-on learning experience and help them enhance their problem-solving abilities. Students who engage in this kind of learning have the information and abilities required to deal with issues at a higher level of authority.

Exam Modules for the NMIMS Distance MBA

Exams comprising multiple-choice questions, projects, and extended essay-style questions offer a challenging, application-oriented, and diverse test schedule that allows working professionals with busy work schedules to complete the programme in a fair period of time. The option to pick and select themes, dates, and time slots enables, for example, numerous topics to be addressed in a single presentation on the same day (based on slot availability).

Placement Assistance with NMIMS’s Distance MBA

Because of our affiliation with large organisations, competent and worthy students may engage in interview experiences, which assists in their placement. Students who prefer to enrol in alternative employment programmes, such as simulated interview preparation and job search help, will have access to them.

Along with major firms such as Indigo Airlines, American Express, Eureka Forbes, and IBM, Genpact, Accenture, and Cipla have supported and recommended the NMIMS Correspondence MBA. These organisations are searching for partners to collaborate on NMIMS distant learning programmes.

Students often do not benefit from online courses since it is difficult for them to interact and engage with their classmates and professors. In addition to delivering the advantages of a traditional MBA, NMIMS Distance Programs assist you in developing and strengthening peer and tutor connections via a variety of events and campus involvement courses on the NMIMS campus. As a result, students will get the opportunity to speak with a diverse range of business professionals.

NMIMS Distance MBA Tuition

Because the study is being performed through ODL (Online and Distance Learning), the fee for NMIMS Distance Learning is much cheaper than the fee for the traditional mode. NMIMS Distance Learning MBA costs may be paid in instalments via an EMI programme, and payment choices are flexible. Students may also get a loan without a credit card if the lending partner authorises the application. EMIs are offered on major financial institutions’ credit cards.

Support Across India: Both students’ queries are handled by a dedicated team of student support staff members. The support staff is in charge of registration, exams, the study kit, identity cards, fee receipts, the student site, and any other issues that may occur. There are also 9 university regional offices and approved enrollment partners (AEPs) positioned across India to help students with any queries they may have.

These are not made-up lies, but facts that can be independently verified. NMIMS Distance Learning, being India’s foremost distance learning institution, provides degrees that provide all of these benefits. I hope that these proposals have helped to clarify the air concerning the tainted image of distance and online learning. NMIMS Distance Learning brings the school to the student’s home, providing all of the advantages while maintaining the highest level of education quality.

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