June 14, 2024

101 Hair Management Rules for Gym Fanatics

Hair Management

If putting in the time and effort to completing a hardcore on a frequent basis is part of your regular routine, congratulations! Give yourself a pat on the back for taking charge of your health and wellbeing. Whether you just completed running a couple of miles, lifting some weights, or doing your favorite workout, you are probably feeling the aftermath. 

Your next focus from here is probably your post-workout recovery routine, but have you ever thought about your hair care during these times? Most people don’t, but if the health and appearance of your hair ranks high on your list, keep reading to find out how sweating and working out impacts your hair and what you can do to make your hair’s life a little easier.

What Happens to Your Hair When You Work Out? 

Intense workouts bring on a lot of sweat, and bring that your sweat glands are so close to your hair follicles, your hair is sure to become wet. The production of sweat is our natural way to regulate our body temperature, and it is a natural process that you shouldn’t and can’t avoid. Having sweaty hair as a result of a good workout can leave you feeling grimy too. Thus, how you are taking care of your hair before, during, and after your workout is key. 

How Can Sweat Impact Your Hair

If left on your scalp and hair too long, sweat can throw off your pH balance and cause these problems:

  • Sweat-soaked hair can cause your locks to become stretched and easily damaged. This also applies to your set of natural hair extensions online. 
  • Sweat and your scalp’s sebum oil can harm your follicles and block your pores, blocking new hair growth and triggering hair loss
  • If the lactic acid in your perspiration builds up on your scalp and mixes up with your hair’s keratin protein, it can weaken your locks. It can also lead to inflammation which can negatively affect your mane’s lustre and quality.
  • Your colour-treated, even with the best toner for bleached hair may fade faster due to sweat.
  • Your head can start feeling itchy because of skin cell buildup.
  • Workout sweat buildup can mix with your scalp bacteria, causing a fungal or bacterial infection, leading to seborrheic dermatitis (i.e., dandruff). 

The following healthy hair care tips will help you address the effects of lingering sweat and keep your hair in healthy condition: 

Pre-Workout Hair Care Tips

Use Dry Shampoo

If you plan on working out and you see your hair is looking greasy, throw in some dry shampoo. Applying dry shampoo when your roots are still dry (not damp and sweaty) will prevent your hair from looking greasy post workout. Applying some dry shampoo before heading to the gym will allow the dry shampoo to absorb any sweat or oil produced during your workout. It is important to note that although dry shampoo is convenient, it is only a temporary fix, and you should still be washing your hair regularly.

Apply Proper Treatments 

If you are utilising particular treatments that you took home from your trusted Olaplex treatment salon, you want to make sure to stick to them. Regularly using Olaplex’s bond building products restore tresses and intensely hydrate without adding excess weight. Strengthening and replenishing, the conditioner will help to eliminate damage and combat unruly frizz to leave locks looking stronger, healthier and shinier. Nothing protects your hair better than a deep conditioning routine. 

If you love to workout outdoors, remember to protect your hair from the sun. The way you would protect your skin by applying SPF. It is just as important to apply SPF to your hair to prevent sun damage. 

Style Your Hair Correctly 

Do you have a go-to hairstyle for your workouts? Getting your hair out of your face might be your priority, but refrain from pulling it back too tightly, as this can be damaging to your hair and lead to breakage or even hair loss. To prevent hair loss, tie your hair back in a loose low ponytail or braids with a proper hair accessory. Using a snag-free hair tie or scrunchie is the best way to go. It is best to avoid any hair accessories that have metal as they can cause more breakage. You can also book salon appointments online to get yourself a manageable haircut that matches your active lifestyle. 

Post-Workout Hair Care Tips 

Plan Out Your Hair Washing Schedule 

If you already have one in place, good job! But, for those who workout, following a schedule can be more challenging. The stickiness you get after a workout will definitely tempt you to jump in the shower to feel fresh and clean, but the question is, should you be doing this after ever workout session? 

The short answer is no. Washing your hair after every time you exercise increases the number of total washes drastically and can dry out your scalp more than letting some sweat remain on it. If your scalp is super sweaty and you feel like you need to tend to your tresses, you can opt for a quick rinse of your roots. This will leave your hair feeling clean without it being stripped of its moisture. It just takes some getting used to. 

Refresh Your Hair and Scalp 

After working out, it is essential for you to refresh your hair and your scalp. A great way to do this is by brushing your hair. By brushing your hair, you will distribute the oils evenly throughout your locks and not let them build up on your scalp.

In Conclusion..

Working out has amazing benefits, and you should not let sweat hold you back from getting a good workout. Start practising these healthy hair habits today and your locks will thank you for the extra love you are giving them.

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